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The Backdrops
Beautifully Crafted at The Bunker
With Anoushka Shankar
Cecilia Stalin at 606 Club
Pete Tong's Ibiza Prom
Biko Club, Milan
Beautifully Crafted at The Bunker
At 606 Club
Jazz in the sun
At The Crypt
With Cecilia Stalin
Jono McCleery
Playing soul with Emine Pirhasan
With John Law Trio



A band stepping out into the world with refreshing panoramic sounds that could soundtrack a movie in a blink of a heartbeat.





Tom DJs at clubs, raves and on radio as Son of Mothra, armed with an extensive vinyl collection. He is a member of Beautifully Crafted, specialising in hardcore, jungle and drum & bass and has played at venues such as Corsica Studios, The Coronet, Boomtown Festival, 491 Gallery, Bar 512, The Bunker and The Shelter.

Son of Mothra also produces and remixes in an eclectic range of electronic music styles.

Son Of Mothra

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Janette Mason's Red Alert

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